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was founded to create an -up to date- and marketable propulsion system to replace the commonly used GM V8 Marine-Conversion gas engine .

The engine system will meet and exceed the highest CA Environmental Standards (EPA) and will carry a MSRP (Retail Price) that guaranties a fast market penetration and still exceeding all user performance and quality expectations. Goals are as well to lower maintenance cost significantly and disconnect any component from raw water use for cooling purposes.

Our Concept is not to develop a new marine combustion engine since this task has shown to be cost prohibitive and uneconomical. We have decided to rather set the task to combine 'State of the Art' technology and integrate 'OFF THE SHELF' components to create a product which will renew propulsion systems for smaller vessels.

We included the significant factor of -affordability- into our equation to add a critical component to the success of this project and are working to get our 'Proof of Concept Yacht' working for Global Presentation in 2017.

We expect a significant market for replacement engines on the used boat market and initial installation in new boats and yachts in the years to come.   

Our new propulsion system will be the biggest innovation in the boating industry since the introduction of the inboard - outboard drive system in the 60th by OMC, Mercruiser and Volvo, which allowed to use converted automotive engines to propel boats and yachts ever since.

Please find in the -PROJECT OVERVIEW- a simplified Schematic of our development and an overview of existing components needed for our product.

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